Solutions for Technology

TechnologyRipcord lets you turn your records from a liability into an asset; you can then extract actual value from your data instead of letting it sit around collecting dust. By digitizing and consolidating your records online, using Ripcord’s record management system, you can access your data anytime, anywhere. You need a solution that delivers advanced security features, enables you to easily manage access, retention and other compliance policies, and gives your IT personnel the tools they need to manage incidents.


Manage Security & Compliance Policies

With all of your records centralized and digitized into Ripcord, you can easily set retention policies that automatically archive records or notify you before your disposition date. Ripcord gives you the ability to set permissions for who in your organization can view, download, share, comment on, modify records. With LDAP/AD integration those permissions can be role-based instead of individual user-based. Ripcord Canopy also uses encryption at rest and in transit.


Quickly Respond to Auditors

With digitized records, you can respond to the demands of your auditors in near real-time. Simply search for the records they want, group the digital documents together, and click “share.” Keyword and filtered searches will let you find every needle in the haystack.

Record Management System Integrations

Unify Your Data Landscape

Ripcord’s scalable platform makes it a snap to connect to your existing systems, from ERP and HRIS to CRM tools and more. Ripcord maintains certified digital copies of your records and can push links of your records to your critical software tools to tear down the data silos, unifying your entire data landscape.