Solutions for Security Compliance

SecuritySome of your records are so sensitive—HR documents, legal case files and medical records to name three categories—that traditional document storage and management isn’t enough. You need a solution that delivers advanced security compliance features, enables you to easily manage access, retention and other compliance policies, and gives your IT personnel the tools they need to manage incidents.

Security and Compliance

Manage Security & Compliance Policies

With all of your records centralized and digitized into Ripcord, you can easily set retention policies that automatically archive records or notify you before your disposition date. Ripcord gives you the ability to set permissions for who in your organization can view, download, share, comment on, modify records. With LDAP/AD integration those permissions can be role-based instead of individual user-based. Ripcord Canopy also uses encryption at rest and in transit.

Certified Files

Certified Digital Files

All records in Ripcord are digitally certified and include chain of custody data to assure their authenticity. This can be especially useful when litigation and other business disputes require you to prove record authenticity.

Incident Notification

Security Event & Incident Management

Your IT personnel need immediate notice of potential security breaches so that you can maintain compliance. Ripcord allows you to setup triggers that notify you if unauthorized users—inside or outside the organization—view your records.