Solutions for the Retail Industry

Retail businesses generate vast amounts of paper documents through elevated labor turnover, continuous product deliveries and customer sales, and inventory tracked in painful detail. With Ripcord, those documents can be digitized, organized and instantly available online. Don’t risk losing a wrongful termination lawsuit because you can’t find the paperwork associated with an employee you fired.


Enforce Compliance Policies

Security and compliance policies are much more difficult to enforce when using paper files. After Ripcord digitizes your files and centralizes them in the cloud, you can easily search and share records, establish retention policies and set permissions for who could view, download, share, comment on or modify records.

Paper Files

Easily Manage Employee Files

Retail is inherently labor intensive, but churn and seasonality make it even more challenging. Ripcord allows HR to organize and search through copious job applications, offer letters, I-9s, performance reviews, discipline reports, benefit plan disclosures and elections, termination agreements and releases.


Protect Your Most Sensitive Information

Once paper files are digitized, Ripcord’s security features, such as encryption layers to keep out hackers, easy-to-configure access controls and reporting, automatic incident alerts and auto-migrate capabilities, will let your IT managers sleep at night.


Auto-classify & Group Records

Digitized records can be organized with Ripcord’s tags, but AI features like auto-classify can automate this process across the most common document categories. For example, HR files like offer letters, termination files and IRS records will auto-group in the filing system; Ripcord will even flag anomalies in the files.