Solutions for Law Firms and Legal Professionals

With Ripcord’s fully automated document management system, law firms finally have a cost-effective way to go from paper documents to digital. Managing paper files is time-consuming, creates opportunities for human error, and makes access and retention policies difficult to enforce. Ripcord gives firms a cloud-based solution to digitize, centralize and easily manage that vast amount of client information—reducing their real estate footprint and creating staffing efficiencies.


Simplified Searching

Once Ripcord digitizes your records, your lawyers and paralegals will be able to search and access them with easy-to-use keyword searching. Finding that needle in the haystack is just a search away, without requiring them to read each page in a voluminous file.

Analytics and Reporting

Usage Analytics and Reporting

Digitization gives your firm the ability to track usage. Who is viewing which client’s documents? When were those documents accessed and for how long? Producing reports to show chain of custody is a snap. Ripcord can also generate notifications when someone has viewed or commented on the records you’re tracking.


Enforcement of Security and Compliance Policies

Security and compliance policies are much more difficult to enforce when using paper files. The more places documents are stored—lawyer offices, file rooms and third party facilities, to name a few—the more difficult it is to limit access to specific personnel and keep records of which employees had access to which files.