Solutions for the Insurance Industry

InsuranceLike the legal and financial sectors, the insurance industry produces an enormous volume of paper and electronic records. And many of them contain highly sensitive information—policyholder social security numbers, medical data from applicants and claimants and confidential communications with lawyers, doctors and regulators. The document management challenges of insurance businesses are compounded by the need to comply with detailed (and always evolving) state and federal regulations. With Ripcord, insurance professionals finally have an affordable way to digitize, centralize, secure, index, search and instantly access all of those documents.

Compliance with Retention Policies

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Ripcord allows you to easily customize retention policies that automatically archive records or notify you when they’re cleared for disposition. With LDAP/AD integration, you can establish document access controls and permissions tied to individual identities or based on the roles and titles within your organization. All records in Ripcord are digitally certified and include chain-of-custody data to assure their authenticity. And with the system’s analytics reports, you can accurately measure (and then improve) your adherence to corporate compliance policies.

Claims Processing

Modernize Claim Processing

Faxed documents are often illegible, but Ripcord’s automated digitizing process can produce images up to 600-dpi resolution to ensure that every page in a claims file—even the faxes—is readable and complete. Once your claims documents arrive in Canopy, Ripcord can auto-categorize and auto-group them.

Records Management

Automate Records Management

With all of those paper records to process, relying on people to manually scan documents using photocopiers just isn’t efficient or accurate. Ripcord’s smart digitization service uses robots to quickly digitize paper records and AI-enabled software to centralize and auto-categorize them so they can be easily searched and retrieved.