Solutions for the Infrastructure Industry

InfrastructureInfrastructure projects undertaken by companies in the energy, construction, utilities industries often involve a lot of paper documentation. With Ripcord, you can turn even the most unwieldy collection of paper records into digitized data, at your fingertips. Companies involved in infrastructure projects need a records system that helps them manage their retention policies and access controls.


Instant Access to As-Built Drawings

Digging out paper records during infrastructure projects is cumbersome and if the records are lost, it introduces a lot of danger to these projects. Ripcord digitizes your records using robots at 600 dpi, increasing accuracy of scans and OCR gives you access to your records on the go with Canopy, our cloud-based platform.


Regulatory Compliance

Ripcord ensures all records are digitally certified and maintain continuous chains of custody to verify authenticity. With Ripcord, you can easily set retention policies for your records and send notifications to key personnel when retention dates have expired. LDAP/AD integration makes it simple to set permissions for who can view, download, share, comment on or modify records, and can maintain those permissions on an individual level or through role-based access controls.

Secure access controls

Secure Service

Ripcord’s uses next-generation robotics technology to fully automate the digitization process, doing away with dusty warehouses and wandering human hands. And once on Ripcord Canopy, security is consistent throughout the platform, with individual encryption for every file at rest and in-transit, SSO/LDAP integration and role-based access controls and automatic security alerts when the system detects a potential breach.