Solutions for Higher Education & Nonprofit

Higher Education and NonprofitMany institutions feel overwhelmed managing their nonprofit financial statements and other records. Like government entities, many universities and nonprofits have a wide variety of record types collecting dust in warehouses. With Ripcord, digitization is finally within reach for these organizations.


Regulatory Compliance

Ripcord allows you to easily customize retention policies that automatically archive records or notify you when they’re cleared for disposition. With SSO/LDAP integration, you can establish document access controls and permissions tied to individual identities or based on the roles and titles within your organization. All records in Ripcord are digitally certified and include chain-of-custody data to assure their authenticity. And with the system’s analytics reports, you can accurately measure (and then improve) your adherence to corporate compliance policies.

Auto-Classification of nonprofit financial statements and other records

Auto-classification of Records

Higher education and nonprofit institutions often have a wide variety of record types to manage, from nonprofit financial statements to legal documents to transcripts. After records are ingested into Ripcord Canopy, it “learns” about your records. The more you use the system, the better Canopy’s auto-classification performs. With Canopy, you can waste less time classify and can get more productivity out of your records management efforts.


Secure Service

Ripcord’s smart digitization service uses robots, which are inherently more secure than people, to quickly digitize paper records and AI-enabled software to centralize and auto-categorize them so they can be easily searched and retrieved. Security is enforced platform-wide, with end-to-end encryption, SSO/LDAP integration, and role-based access controls for easy permissioning.