Solutions for Healthcare

HealthcareAs the healthcare sector continues its transformation into a digital industry, extracting value from your own data is more important than ever. Even the most comprehensive databases are only as useful as your ability to leverage that data, and Ripcord provides next generation tools to accomplish the task. With Ripcord, you can consolidate your entire organization’s records online, so they’re easy to access from anywhere, anytime.

Search Medical Records

Simplified Searching

Ripcord converts your existing paperwork into digital assets through fast, robot-assisted digitization, so even your oldest records are instantly accessible. Once Ripcord digitizes your records,finding that needle in the haystack is just a keyword search away.

Medical Record Integrations

Easy EMR Integration

Ripcord makes it a snap to integrate your digitized medical records with your electronic medical records, so you’ll never struggle to make sure a patient’s file ends up in the right hands at the right time. With a simple click, you can push digitally certified records to your EMR systems.

Secure Medical Records

Powerful Security and HIPAA Compliance

Ripcord’s smart digitization service uses robots, which are inherently more secure than people, to quickly digitize paper records and AI-enabled software to centralize and auto-categorize them so they can be easily searched and retrieved. Security is enforced platform-wide, with end-to-end encryption, SSO/LDAP integration, and role-based access controls for easy permissioning. Powerful digital certification also lets you guarantee the integrity of your data and ensure HIPAA compliance with intuitive chain of custody information that’s automatically recorded for every digital asset.