Solutions for Auditing

AuditAuditing activity involves an enormous amount of paperwork, and most organizations undergoing an audit—whether to insure compliance with HIPAA law, financial regulations, or HR policies—struggle to manage the sheer mass of paper involved in the process. Enter Ripcord, the automated digitization service that instantly turns even the most unwieldy collections of paperwork into fully digitized data.

HIPAA law and other compliance policies

Manage Security & Compliance Policies

You can easily set retention policies that automatically archive records or notify you before your disposition date. Ripcord gives you the ability to set permissions for who in your organization can view, download, share, comment on, modify records. With LDAP/AD integration those permissions can be role-based instead of individual user-based. Ripcord Canopy also uses encryption at rest and in transit.


Quickly Respond to Auditors

Simply search for the records auditors want, group the digital documents together, and click “share.” Keyword and filtered searches will let you find every needle in the haystack.


Automatic Classification & Grouping

Ripcord can auto-group diverse accounts payable records like shipping documents, purchase orders or packing slips, and creates an alert when it detects anomalous files. Groups and classifications can be one-time or ongoing, giving organizations maximum flexibility in managing their data.


ERP Integration

Ripcord helps eliminate data silos through simple push-button integration with a variety of popular ERP products like Oracle, Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamix. The platform can automatically push hot links from original records into the ERP systems, avoiding workflow disruptions.