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Automating the digital imaging workflow

Robotic work cell for automated digital imaging

Automated Digital Imaging

Ripcord’s digitization is divided into two subprocesses: the conversion process and the management process. Ripcord automates 80% of the conversion process—which includes paper handling, fastener removing, and digital imaging. Canopy’s auto-classification automates 80% of records classification and with more training by your records managers, classification accuracy can reach upwards of 90%. Once classified, maintaining your records becomes a breeze with easy to use record retention and disposition policy management.

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The benefits of using robots



Humans miss staples and other fasteners leading to paper jams and rips. Manual cataloging and indexing is error prone. And our robots scan records at 600dpi to future proof your records.



It takes a human about 6-8 hours to digitize a single bankers box of records. A single Ripcord robot can complete digitization within 1-2 hours. At scale, Ripcord can scan thousands of boxes a day.



Using robots to digitize paper is inherently more secure. Robots do 90% of the paper handling and 90% of the indexing. This means you don’t have to worry about the wrong people reading your most sensitive documents.

Robotic automation

a Multidisciplinary innovation

We often get asked, “Why has no one done this before?” The truth is, creating a solution like this—one that converts the inherent chaos of paper inside boxes to ordered, digital documents that are easy to find—requires bringing together a variety of technical disciplines.

Ripcord has built that team, comprised of industrial roboticists, machine vision engineers, mechanical engineers, operations specialists, data scientists, machine learning experts, software developers, and infrastructure and security experts. The result is the world’s most advanced paper handler.

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