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Managing paper files is time-consuming, creates opportunities for human error, and makes access and retention policies difficult to enforce.

Ripcord Canopy helps you digitize, centralize and easily manage your company’s vast amount of records. Each record is converted to searchable PDFs using Ripcord’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Records are auto-classified according to type, making search and management simple.

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Protect Your Records from the Wrong People

Security and compliance policies are much more difficult to enforce when using paper files. Ripcord Canopy’s role-based access controls (RBAC) allow you to assign roles to users and then assign permissions to those roles. Ripcord also encrypts records in transit and at rest, provides audit logs, certifies each record with a digital signature and tracks each record for chain-of-custody.

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Search, Share, Connect


Search Quickly

Quickly find that needle in the haystack with keyword search, boolean search, and filtered search.


Share Easily

Send a file or folder of records easily. Set permissions and track activity with shared records.


Connect Simply

Push records to the ERP, HRIS, ECM applications you already use. Eliminate data silos.

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Insights into your records

Ripcord Canopy’s powerful analytics dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your records. Admins can learn who has accessed which records and how long people have spent viewing each page of a record. You can also see which records are ready for disposition or are still under retention policies.

Ripcord Canopy Application Dashboard

Ripcord Canopy Features

  • Keyword, Boolean and Filtered Search
  • Auto-Categorize Records
  • OCR Support for 90+ Languages
  • Policy Based Retention Scheduling
  • Easily Share Records
  • SSO/LDAP Integration for RBAC
  • Approval Workflows
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Security Alerts and Notifications
  • Multi-zone reliability for HA/DR
  • Chain of Custody
  • Record Certification (Digital Signatures)
  • Audit Logs
  • Vault Lock
  • Encryption at Rest and In-Transit

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