About Ripcord

The world’s first robotic digitization company

Why Did We Start Ripcord?

Paper records are a nightmare. They take up real estate. They aren’t secure. You can too easily lose them, misfile them or mislabel them. With Ripcord, you can turn your paper records trapped in warehouses into meaningful data. Ripcord uses robots to scan and classify your paper records so you get faster, cheaper and more accurate digitization. And it uses sophisticated software to give you access to and insights from your records.

Who Is Ripcord?

Ripcord is the world’s first robotic digitization company. We are using sophisticated automation and software to provide customers with a secure, fast and all-inclusive records management solution at low, predictable prices. Ripcord was established in 2015 because of a customer problem and is the first company to apply vision robotics to paper digitization.

On a mission to take the world paperless

Ripcord is on a mission to build the best products and services that take the world paperless. We want our products and services to be loved by our customers and to do that we truly believe we have to establish a culture that honors the individual, that challenges the status quo and that treats everyone in our community with dignity.

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